Meet some of our happy clients

Patricia, Fourways

**I would like to thank you for being available at all times, my skin is so flawless, your products are the best. After using so many products that never gave me the flawless i always wanted, but with sanora i' gained my confidence in my skin. i am sooo happy; thank you big time.

Pauline - Soweto

**Sanora skin lightening cream :OMG!hands down the best Cream I ever used. peeled and lightened me so well,but its so hard to find..if you want really quick lightening use this one..trust me..it works fast..its not cheap.

Nadia – Wuse District, Abuja

**I really tried everything on the market to get light. Being in the beauty industry and all, I can confirm that Sanora beauty products is absolute the best! I used Sanora skin lightening cream, I became 2 complexion shades lighter in 2 weeks! My friends and family couldn’t believe it. Its been a year and I am loving my complexion!!! Thank you Sanora beauty company, love you. PLEASE OPEN A BRANCH IN ABUJA

Tracy - East London

**hello, i've tried so many skin lightening products and nothing worked for me as good as Sanora skin lightening cream, it's a skin whitening range from India but has a base here in the South Africa, let me tell you this stuff works like crazy, so be sure to not over do it or you will be looking like the Gloved one himself. i started out with the capsules to get me from a coco complexion to a camel, and now use the body cream to maintain a peach cream complex... my family and friends are in shock, but in a good way at how i have cleared up my complexion and elevated my skin tone. i get mine from Sanora Agents , enjoy and love your new you... cause i'm lovin me, along with everyone else i meet,LOL... it's great and i'm just happy to share!

Harriette - Cape Town

**I highly recommend these products.  They work best for the type of skin you have. It naturally makes your face lighter and brighter. It can also give you pinkish cheeks. I had tried this for two months ( I guess?) and the result was just perfect! I really love it You should try it too. 

Bukelwa – Mthatha, Eastern cape

**I love these products with all my heart.Sanora skin lightening Cream changed my life quick! I was not black as in night time dark, I was more of a dark chocolate colour. Now I am a REAL lightened! In just 1 months I moved 5 shades away from my complexion!

Melisha - Fourways

**Guys, if you want a lighter, brighter complexion, or just want to even out your skin tone, give Sanora skin whitening cream a try. . People have gotten good results from using the products. They are the most effective Skin Renew skin Bleaching cream in Pretoria.   They also has a discount when you purchase more than 1 months supply of any product if you want to save some money on your orders. Good luck.

Tsungi - Mpomalanga

**Sanora skin lightening cream works great.. Works fast too. its a bit pricey but worth every penny. Stay away fro those super cheap lighten creams.. They have harsh chemicals in them & they lighten you up for about 2 weeks then after that they leave you darker & spotted like leopard! pay a bit more & be happy.   (also it is very possible 2 get lighter then your natural skin tone ... trust me am a living proof!!

Andriena - Pretoria

**best product for acne, all my life suffering with acne and scars but since I started using your products it helped a lot, no more scars or acne I'm bright and feel good about my self


** Disclaimer; Results may vary from person to person.